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Joe Haldeman's New Year's Eve Party

Joe Haldeman is one of the most popular science fiction writers in the world.  On his home page - http://home.earthlink.net/~haldeman   Joe is described as someone that wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up, but instead became the armchair virtual-reality equivalent: a science fiction writer.

He has been writing full time since 1970, producing a book about every eighteen months. He's also written three books of short stories, a stage play, a screenplay, and lots of poetry and nonfiction. His degrees in astronomy and writing come in handy, but a lot of his fiction comes from his experiences as a draftee in combat in Vietnam: War Year, the award-winning The Forever War, and a non-science fiction novel - 1968. His work has won three Hugos, three Nebulas, two Rhyslings, and the World Fantasy Award. He teaches part-time in the fall semester at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Joe's latest book is called Forever Peace, a novel about future warfare where "mechanics" control fighting machines via cerebral inserts in the mechanics brains. Forever Peace has the intensity of a Dean Koonce novel and shouldn't be bought unless you can dedicate two days of your life reading it non-stop.   I simply couldn't put it down and found myself reading it at stop lights and during meetings with military brass.

My wife and I were invited to Joe and Gay Haldeman's Annual New Year's Eve party a few years ago.  Joe lives in Gainesville FL and Lou and I drove up not knowing what to expect.  What we found was the most interesting group of eclectic people that I have ever seen gathered in one house.  They were taking turns working on the "world's toughest crossword puzzle", which was tacked up on one of Joe's hall walls and working out plans to travel to the Galagos Island to see the total eclipse of sun. There were scientists (one from NASA in Ohio) and writers from several countries. It was such a great time that I decided to devote some pages to the party.  Unfortunately, I didn't get everyone's name, so the photos on the next page will not be labeled.  Instead, I will post them and then get names later and update these pages.








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