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Lou - the mommy, retired nurse having a ball on the beach.

Oldest daughter Kelley Mayeda with McKenna (Lara's daughter). She has 2 sons, Jacob, 10 and McCauley, 5. Kelley is a Physical Therapist, but has put that aside to be a full time mother and wife

Next daughter, Marlo Oshima. She has one son J.R., 4. Marlo is a Youth Pastor at Hope Chapel in Redondo Beach CA.

Youngest daughter, Lara Marmelstien.  She has one son, Mitchel, age 6, and daughter, McKenna (see above), age 3. Lara is a nurse at Torrence Memorial Hospital and, an avid tennis player and a Beanie Baby aficionado.

Christmas Greeting From the Marmelsteins

Son, Elijah McCauley shown taking it easy around the pool, is a counselor, working with troubled teens at a halfway house in Boulder CO (I can't remember if he was helping the trouble teens, or was one <g>). Sister Barbara Polk - for more about Barbara go to www.BarbaraPolkRealty.com

Nephew, Major Mike Smith with family, wife Lori, sons Taylor and Travis and daughter Rosie.  Mike is  stationed at Ft. Leavenworth KS where he is attending the General Staff College. 

Don Hooser (Lou's cousin) and family son Randy, daughter Amy, wife Elsie and son Danny.  Don, a SMU grad, is a pastor with the Worldwide Church of God in DeSoto, Texas.  For more information about Don and his family go to


Lou with Little Bitty Kitty - important member of the family.

That's me with Boz, my son's pit bull Marlo's son J.R. at the Beach in San Diego Kathryn Lee Gluesenkamp, Barbara's granddaughter and  daughter of Dawn and Mark Glusenkamp
Miss Emily, with Billy Goat Gruff

McKenna Furchak, daughter of Rich and Wendy, granddaughter of Barbara Polk

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

McKenna ready for a new baby brother
Legally Blonde (s) - Wendy and McKenna Richard Furchak and mother with little Kincade Hale Furchak Kincade at 3 months
Meagan Armanda Kincade growing up
Armanda Emily Meagan
McKenna   Kincade






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