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Working in the aerospace industry required me to travel around the country - first from Dallas to Los Angeles in 1965, then to Sunnyvale CA, Minneapolis, Toronto, Burbank CA, Manhattan Beach, Lompoc CA, Dever CO, Colorado Springs, Orlando FL, Washington DC, Orlando FL and finally Redondo Beach CA.

With this checkered career, I met a lot of friends and am enclosing some stories and photos of some of these friends below.  Click on the photo or name to go to their web page.

Emily Andrew

Joe  Cummings

Milt Farrand

Warren Hughes

Wayne Lindo

George Ling

Bill Money

Irma Marroquin

Tracy Scanlan

Scott Tefft

Jerry Wright

John Leary

The Darrows

Jerry Hill

Kris Carmicheal

Michelle Yows

Ed Harris

Jim and Emma Alan

















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